Evergreen Camera Club

Inspiring Photographers in the Foothills and Beyond

Kathy Snead

Ellen Nelson

Connie Rudd

Anne Zimmerman

Dick Oltman

Tom Goldberg

Ellen Nelson

Lorrie McAllister

Ellen Nelson

Stan Hill

Ron Pearson

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From beginners to professionals, Evergreen Camera Club is for people who share a passion about photography of all kinds. The mission of the Evergreen Camera Club is to promote the art of photography for people living in and around the foothills of Colorado by providing a forum where each member can contribute and learn from others.

Upcoming Events:

Not-To-Miss Photo Workshop
for All Levels!

Take stunning photos with 2017 Audubon Photography Award Winner and Evergreen professional photographer Ellen Nelson and the Evergreen Camera Club. Learn to compose and expose an impressive bird photograph. To learn more about this event Click Here