Don't forget to submit your photos for the ECC monthly competition by Monday, January 9, 2017 at 6pm. Good luck and remember you have to enter the contest to be eligible for the Kelby Training prize. Submit up to three entries (5 MB or less, please submit images with at least 3000 pixels on the long dimension) to beginner@evergreencameraclub.com for the beginners category, intermediate@evergreencameraclub.com for the intermediate category, advanced@evergreencameraclub.com for the advanced category. Entries for the open category should be emailed to open@evergreencameraclub.com. Please submit entries for the fun category to: fun@evergreencameraclub.com. The fun category is for any photo you would like to submit. It will not be judged, just shown to the audience for fun!! The entries could be funny moments, oops moments, cute, bad backgrounds, ah shots, etc. (Or let's see some of your worst selfies!!)