DAY #1 Driving to Custer, South Dakota
Day #2 Photographing in Custer State Park, Mt. Rushmore
Day #3 Photographing in Custer State Park, Mt. Rushmore
Day #4 Photographing in Custer State Park, Mt. Rushmore
Day #5 Driving Back Home

Buffalo & Buffalo Calves ----- in Custer State Park
Donkeys --------- in Custer State Park
Antelope ----------- in Custer State Park
Mt. Rushmore Monument
Crazy Horse Monument
BUFFALO: These wild animals are extremely dangerous – keep your distance from them.
CAMERA EQUIPMENT: Tripod, Lenses from 24 mm up to 600 mm
MAP OF AREA: A very detailed map of the area can be purchased from the USGS. The cost of the map is around $25 and is well worth it. The Title of The Map is “BLACK HILLS NATIONAL FOREST “ dated 2014.
RESTAURANTS: There are a lot of restaurants located in the City of Custer. There are also restaurant facilities located at the Mt. Rushmore Monument & the Crazy Horse Memorial.
ACCOMMODATIONS: There are a lot of campgrounds, cabins and motels in the area. You need to make your own reservations.
MOUNT RUSHMORE MONUMENT: The Monument will be “Illuminated” nightly from dusk to around 11 PM. There are a lot of people at monument every day of the week.
PARKING AT THE MOUNT RUSHMORE MONUMENT: The parking at Mt. Rushmore is paid parking only – no roadside parking - any place. The fee is around $10/auto, which also gives you access to the Monument. There is also a very good restaurant facility located at Mt. Rushmore.
CRAZY HORSE MEMORIAL: The entrance fees are $11/person or $22 for 2 people in a vehicle. 3 or more people in a vehicle is $28. All these fees will be waived for May 19, 20 & 21 if you donate 3 cans of food per person in your vehicle. There is a restaurant facility located inside the memorial.
SPECIAL ATTRACTION: The Indian Museum of North America – This is a great exhibit of the American Indian – plan on spending 2 to 4 hours at this exhibit, which is located inside the Crazy Horse Memorial area. You don’t want to miss this one!
CUSTER STATE PARK: The Custer State Park entrance fee is waived for May 19, 20 and 21st.
AREA EVENTS: Go to “CUSTER STATE PARK OPEN HOUSE WEEKEND” for 2017 on your computer and click on Open House/Download Brochure for a list of events. Make sure that you have the new listing for 2017. There are quite a few events going on over the 3 day free days in the immediate area that may be of an interest to you and are too numerous to mention here.
Thomas Goettel - Event Host 303-816-0965