February 14, 2018 General meeting speaker Marc Morris

“The Science of Today’s Optics”

Have you ever considered what digital technology has done to our lenses? Tamron Lens Rep Marc Morris will present a discussion on modern lens design for the Evergreen Camera Club on February 14th -- what’s not to love? -- at 7:00 pm (come early to socialize or see Meetup for dinner details) at the Evergreen Fire & Rescue Building, 1802 Bergen Parkway, Evergreen. He’ll illustrate how the demands of digital changed photographic lens design and, further, how today’s high-resolution sensors continue that paradigm shift. He’ll cover autofocus, stabilization and its importance, how to read MTF charts at a glance, Bokeh, crop factor equivalence and transmission. “The hope is that you’ll have a better understanding of lenses not just as angles of coverage and depth of field but also as crafted tools in and of themselves… and how that craft can affect the nuance of your work,” Marc explained.

Marc will bring all the latest offerings from Tamron and ECC members will be the first camera club in the US to receive a hard copy of the very exclusive and elusive Tamron magazine.

Marc is a 21-year veteran of the photo imaging industry, starting as a custom color and chem tech in a film lab and learned color theory through Kodak’s Q-lab curriculum before ever owning a camera. After accidentally breaking (and therefore purchasing) the first camera he ever borrowed, he was hooked.
He has been shooting in the field since 2008 and worked for Olympus and Sony before finally joining forces with Tamron, where he gets to play with all the glass… something that makes his inner nerd very happy.

Pre-dinner meeting at Casa Tequila 1193 Bergen Parkway at 5pm