October 23rd - Mentoring Meeting

One of the most asked question of me is: How do I use the histogram on my digital camera (or computer)? My answer has been, I do not know, I have never used it. Well, I have good news. I have identified at least one person that told me, just yesterday, that he uses it all the time and it will improve your photos! Now if there is anyone else out there that has used histograms, please step forward. I would love to have 2 or 3 speakers talking about this subject and their experiences. For those that have asked about histograms, here is your chance to learn more about it.

For those that do not know, we have a new webmaster. Betty Holling is now our webmaster with Eric Esau as our site administrator. And Patty Panella is our new communication & publication editor. Patty will be working closely with Betty to keep our web site information up-to-date. Patty will also write articles for the Canyon Courier.

I would suggest that you bring your camera to this meeting. I want to cover a couple tricks that I showed Jan on our outing to Kebler Pass. And if anyone has a particular question, this will be a great time to ask and I am sure others have the same question but have been too shy to ask. The more people that attend the more everybody will learn!!! Because of the holidays in November and December, this will be the last mentoring program for this year. If you have questions, NOW is the time to ask them. I will bring my laptop, with card reader, if anyone wants to discuss photos. (6:30-7:00 social time) The meeting is at our usual location at the firehouse annex on Bergen Pkwy.