Mentoring Sessions


Mentoring Session will be a "Bring Your Camera to the Meeting" session.
Breaking into groups, by camera make.. we will discuss settings, and share information.
7 PM (6:30 social time) at Evergreen Fire Station #2 in Bergen Park.


More experienced members "interested in mentoring".. as well as members "interested in being mentored" are asked to email Co-President Annie ( for a pairing-up process of one-on-one mentoring. Our monthly general meetings, and regular mentoring sessions, are wonderful opportunities to listen, learn, and contribute. But from time to time, we all experience the need to have specific questions answered.. technical settings explained in detail.

JULY 22ND MENTORING SESSION - Pat Gautier, "Basic Camera Settings"

Metering Mode, Program, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority... just some of the many camera settings we need decide. Pat will discuss the settings he uses, and the "why" behind those settings. He will then open the topics for discussion. Whether new to photography and wondering how the more experienced arrive at the settings they tend to use, or... another Pro interested in comparing and sharing, it should prove to be an evening of lively discussion. All skill levels welcome!

Join us at 7 PM (6:30 - social time) at Evergreen Fire Station #2 in Bergen Park.

JUNE 24TH MENTORING SESSION - Charles Dirks - "Curves" in Photoshop

June's Mentoring Meeting will be led by Club Member Charles Dirks, who will be covering "Curves", a powerful and flexible adjustment tool in Photoshop.
During the Session we will work on using Curves to bring out detail in the shadows, adding contrast, and also touching on adjusting colors. Interesting and informative info for enhancing our editing skills. All skill levels welcome. Tuesday, 7 PM (6:30 social time) at Evergreen Fire Station #2 in Bergen Park.

Mentoring Session - May 27 - Brad Davidson

May's Mentoring Meeting will be led by Brad Davidson, and will center around the uses for "Flash". Brad has taken some outstanding shots in the past, including water droplets, with many wondering how he accomplished such. This will be our opportunity to gain insight.. possibly with a lab type demonstration. These sessions are excellent opportunities to learn thru the exchange of ideas. All skill levels welcome. Tuesday, 5/27 at 7 PM (6:30 social time) at Evergreen Fire Station #2 in Bergen Park.

Mentoring Session - April 22nd - Pat Gautier

Expanding on "Digital File Basics" the series continues, focusing this month on "Sharpening" in post-processing. Everyone is welcome. Always interesting, informative, and entertaining.. 7 PM (6:30 social time) at Evergreen Fire Station #2 in Bergen Park.

March 25th Mentoring Session - Pat Gautier

Entitled "More Digital File Basics", Pat will continue the series expanding our knowledge of digital files and their management. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend, new and valuable information for the novice as well as interesting refresher for the more experienced. 7 PM (6:30 social time) at Evergreen Fire Station #2 in Bergen Park.

Mentoring Session - February 26th - Betty Holling

Club Member Betty Holling will lead this month's Mentoring Session sharing some of her extensive photo editing know how. Betty has been working with Photoshop for about seven years on a Windows Platform, and has taken several classes on working with Photoshop. Classes include a SantaFe Workshop, and a class given by NANPA (No. American Nature Photographers Assn.). Everyone is encouraged to bring a laptop, and thru the use of a transfer stick with photos - provided by Betty, we will be able to edit along with her.

Mentoring Session - January 22nd - Pat Gautier

Presentation will be on better understanding how digital imaging works. Idea is to put into simple terms how the camera collects and stores the information that makes up a picture, how this affects different file formats, and to lay the foundation for understanding how virtually all image editing processes work.

Hope to see you there... 7 PM (6:30 social time)... Evergreen Fire Sta #2, Bergen Park. Keep warm....

October 23rd - Mentoring Meeting

One of the most asked question of me is: How do I use the histogram on my digital camera (or computer)? My answer has been, I do not know, I have never used it. Well, I have good news. I have identified at least one person that told me, just yesterday, that he uses it all the time and it will improve your photos! Now if there is anyone else out there that has used histograms, please step forward. I would love to have 2 or 3 speakers talking about this subject and their experiences. For those that have asked about histograms, here is your chance to learn more about it.

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