Field Trips


I hope a number of you are planning on the field trip at 8 a.m. on this coming Saturday, June
21st. We need to announce a change in MEETING PLACE. Originally slated for Lair 'O the
Bear Open Space Park, we are changing the field trip to MYERS RANCH OPEN SPACE PARK.
This park is found at Aspen Park just off Highway 285 at the South Turkey Creek Road exit.
Wildflowers have dried up at Lair 'O the Bear and the trail is hot. North slope and varied
habitat make MYERS RANCH a better choice. Please email me with any questions. Sorry for


Lair O' the Bear Open Space Park on Hwy 74, Main Parking Lot, 8 AM Saturday, June 21st.
Field Trip will be led by Club Members Lorrie McAllister and Donna Dannen, well versed in Wild Flowers. Researched, hike holds potential for a fun 'Day Trip' close to home. Setting out east along Bear Creek Trail... this is mostly an easy walk of about one mile in distance. Some uphill, but easy bail-out for those prefering to walk about half-a-mile. Scouting trip revealed potential for wildlife including deer, osprey, and an active beaver pond, as well as water shots along Bear Creek.

Denver Architecture Trip the Weekend of 4/12 - 4/13

In April we will be doing a Denver Architecture Trip the Wknd of 4/12-13. This Field Trip is timed to coincide with the Annual "Doors Open Denver" event, sponsored by the Denver A.I.A. (American Institute of Architects). Doors are open to buildings not always open to the Public, ranging from commercial bldgs to residential lofts, to cutting edge designs. More on how this field trip will be structured as we draw nearer and the property lists are made available.

Monte Vista - Migrating Cranes - Weekend of March 15th & 16th

March Field Trip took place last weekend, as we witnessed the Annual Migration of the Sandhill Cranes. San Luis Valley's oldest visitors, the Sandhill Cranes begin their annual trek from south to north, stopping off near the Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge to load up on fuel. For millions of years, the Sandhills have been spending their Spring Break in Colorado's Valley, and more recently wild life watchers have been drawn to wonder at this phenomenal natural spectacle.

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