April Assignment

Katie Taft, our March Guest Speaker, concluded her presentation by challenging our group with an assignment, which we shall use as the theme for our next critique/competition. Katie has asked that we construct a scene, setting-up what it is we choose to photograph, and for which there should be a narrative quality. For better ideas of how this works, and to stimulate our creative process, she has supplied the names of some artists who do just this.

March Assignment

Theme for the March competition/critique will play off of our most recent guest speaker, Jacob Ware, and get us thinking along the lines of a Photojournalist. "Pictures that tell a story"... interpretation for this theme limited only by your imagination. We're all familiar with media stories and the pictures that accompany them. There are the ones that stand out in our minds, history making, as well as the ones that are simply cute, interesting, 'in the moment'. Have fun with it!

February Assignment

The theme for our next Critique & Competition is - Nature Photography that does NOT include the "hand-of-man". Outdoor Photography often includes things we would never come across in a purely natural environment. Signs are the more obvious, but then there are reservoirs, fences, roads, bird feeders.. just a few we might overlook. Specific situations, certain publications, some competitions, strictly adhere to this rule. Having this goal in mind will add a new element of thought, when composing our Nature shots.

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